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Hump Day Nature Walk

Hey everybody, Viggy here. Sorry for the late post, I had work earlier today. And was messing around with Gutenberg for the last few hours. Decided not to move onto the new editor, for now, had some difficulties with the automatic sharing and didn’t want to disrupt the chain. If anybody has any experience setting up sharing features in Gutenberg let me know so we can connect! Anyway, onto what you came here for, another Hump Day post to help relax those work junkies.

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Hump Day Island Cruise Finale

Welcome my readers back to the third and final part of our Island Cruise story. Your captain Viggy here just coming to do a little introduction! You’ll be seeing these a lot more from now on. This is so I can give a little breakdown of what new readers can expect!

So without further ado, please relax and enjoy this segment designed to transport you out of your workspace and into a space of tranquility. Read More