A Short Explanation For The Coming Week

Hey everybody, feel free to think of this post as a weekend edition if you’d like but I don’t consider it against my standards. I just wanted to give a short explanation for why there was no post Friday. I’ll be taking the week off from this Friday until next. This is because I’ll be working Thanksgiving and Black Friday for some holiday retail hours. I’m spending this week either working or proofreading/editing my book. Normally I’d be able to juggle all three obligations, but with the way my schedule is for the next few days, it is unlikely. Unfortunately, my priorities are work>book>blog so I’m forced to focus my efforts for the following week. However, I will be back swinging on Sunday with a Weekend Edition post to discuss the Holiday season. For the record, do not expect to see a Flash Fiction make up post for the previous Friday or the upcoming one, a Hello to on Monday, or a Hump Day on Wednesday.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. I appreciate all the recent likes and shares, we’ve been gaining great momentum together and I can’t wait to be back on a more regular schedule. Happy holidays! Be back soon!

India lens

Hello to India!

Ooooh, how exotic! We made it to our first subcontinent India. Let me be the first to say Namaste or Salaam, at the risk of appropriating culture I’ll also add in a, “hi how do you do?”

I think it’s very cool that you, in India, found me in America. Every time a new country comes to visit I like to reflect on the amazing advancements society has made. Without the internet, the likelihood of me ever interacting with someone halfway across the world was minuscule at best. Now we live in a world where we can share ideas across continents!

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Hello to (The Republic of) Singapore!

It’s been over three years since the last Hello to segment! But in that time, despite this Viggy going AWOL, we still managed to make it to Asia! Err well Southeast Asia. This is big to me because on my last segment I called out Asia, and wouldn’t you know it over the three years since they came through.

So this post, I’m going all out. Why? Because it’s been two years since our Singaporean visited my little blog and so he/she/they deserve the biggest shout out!

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This weekend on The Weekend Edition

Normally, this blog is about the eccentric nature of Viggy, I mean my mind. Filled with random bits, and updates on what’s keeping my mind occupied. Now this will always be the format of this particular blog. This is because the written form is where I feel I can best transcribe the notions within my mind. Think of it like free weekly entertainment for you, and free weekly therapy for me.

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