This weekend on The Weekend Edition

Normally, this blog is about the eccentric nature of Viggy, I mean my mind. Filled with random bits, and updates on what’s keeping my mind occupied. Now this will always be the format of this particular blog. This is because the written form is where I feel I can best transcribe the notions within my mind. Think of it like free weekly entertainment for you, and free weekly therapy for me.

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Has everyone heard about the newest challenge out there?

Welcome back to another slice of my mind! It’s hump day unless your week starts on a Tuesday now so lets celebrate halfway through the week. So has everyone seen or heard about this don’t judge challenge? Is it wrong if I judge the people doing it? I don’t think most of this kids think they are doing anything offensive but to me the message I see can be quite mean and hurtful.

If you haven’t seen the videos, basically these kids paint pimples on their faces and make a silly face into the camera, then cut away and reveal they didn’t look ugly at all. This to me just says “we have the ability to change ugly features into beautiful (even normal) features.” If you want to teach acceptance and not to judge, then you should try and avoid saying that people should be able to change.

Yet again, I doubt most of these kids are doing this to purposefully offend people. I don’t expect them to think that far forward about their actions. I do however hope this will teach some of them that just because something is main stream or popular doesn’t make it the right or okay thing to do, even when you think you may be spending a positive message, you have to really stop and think about what you are saying in relation to the rest of the world.

So let me know what you think about the don’t judge challenge. Did you come off the same way to you as it did to me? What are some ways you would spread the message of don’t judge? Let me know down below and I’ll see you on Friday!

Weekend edition #5

What’s up everybody Viggy here for another weekend edition! It’s been a full week since the last edition and man am I excited to be coming to you all once again. As many of you may know (if you read my about or saw me mention it) I am a writer, persuing a degree in writing. Well the hardest thing for any writer is meeting a deadline, that’s why I started a schedule for this blog, to work on that. Well the second hardest thing is actually sitting down to write. That’s why I’m really happy my roommate suggested we sit down for an hour a sag and challenge each other to write and work on our ideas in that time. To all you fellow writers out there I suggest you try this as well with other writers. It’s only been two days but already we have both made major progress on our projects. 

But hey here’s some good like advice, keeping a schedule, and making sure to fellow through with it, is a great way to live your life. It keeps you organized and can help you tackle the larger things in life that you may stress about. In the end, remember to keep your cool no matter what and you will come out on top in most situations in life (cause this 21 year old has all the answers). 
Well everybody I’m going to get back to my weekend, let me know what your week has been like, update me on your life since the last weekend edition, share a story and make sure to enjoy your weekend everybody!