A Short Explanation For The Coming Week

Hey everybody, feel free to think of this post as a weekend edition if you’d like but I don’t consider it against my standards. I just wanted to give a short explanation for why there was no post Friday. I’ll be taking the week off from this Friday until next. This is because I’ll be working Thanksgiving and Black Friday for some holiday retail hours. I’m spending this week either working or proofreading/editing my book. Normally I’d be able to juggle all three obligations, but with the way my schedule is for the next few days, it is unlikely. Unfortunately, my priorities are work>book>blog so I’m forced to focus my efforts for the following week. However, I will be back swinging on Sunday with a Weekend Edition post to discuss the Holiday season. For the record, do not expect to see a Flash Fiction make up post for the previous Friday or the upcoming one, a Hello to on Monday, or a Hump Day on Wednesday.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. I appreciate all the recent likes and shares, we’ve been gaining great momentum together and I can’t wait to be back on a more regular schedule. Happy holidays! Be back soon!

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Flash Fiction a Day Late

First things first, I need to apologize to you, my valued reader! This post was intended to be produced fresh on Friday for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, I got called into a last minute out of state training I had to drive to. This left me with no time to write this post yesterday so I apologize, but I haven’t forgotten and so I’m giving you the piece today!

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Happy (pre) Fourth of July! 

What’s up everybody, hope everyone is getting ready for tomorrow’s July 4th. Who doesn’t like fireworks and food? Those are some of the first few things I think of when I picture America. We love explosions (after all Michael Bag is still around) and we love to eat whether it’s healthy or not. I think it’s hard to be an American and not be either an explosion fan or a foody. 

Everyone seems to have their own traditions around this time of the year, and that’s part of what makes tomorrow a holiday in America. Normally the only holidays that have traditions are Christmas, thanksgiving, etc. but really all of our holidays are built around the tradition, after all those holidays all have something that is normally done as part of a tradition, even if it’s just celebrating the day with fireworks and beer. 

So everyone have a good Fourth of July! Enjoy the fireworks in the sky and the food on the grill. Relax under the setting sun and listen to freedom inspiring music as loud explosions go off and we stuff our selfs full. Let me know below if you have any Fourth of July traditions, something your family always does or maybe something you only choose to make on the fourth? Have a good one everybody and I’ll see you Sunday for the weekend edition!