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Hello to Germany

Welcome back everyone for another of my weekly Hello to segments where we take a look at some of the countries that have visited this blog. This week we’ll be talking about Germany and getting to learn some hopefully new things about it.

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Hello to (The Republic of) Singapore!

It’s been over three years since the last Hello to segment! But in that time, despite this Viggy going AWOL, we still managed to make it to Asia! Err well Southeast Asia. This is big to me because on my last segment I called out Asia, and wouldn’t you know it over the three years since they came through.

So this post, I’m going all out. Why? Because it’s been two years since our Singaporean visited my little blog and so he/she/they deserve the biggest shout out!

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Hello to Serbia

Whats up everybody! Can you imagine my surprise when I awoke this morning to discover several views from Serbia. So here is my official welcome to Serbia, a county I didn’t know much about but have since decide to google and gain some knowledge of. 

Just in case anybody was wondering, Serbia is on the continent of Europe which means this blog has now been viewed on three different continents! Exciting if you ask me, wonder how long it will take to hit them all, Asia I’m looking at you next! 

So back to Serbia and my lack of knowledge. Until recently Serbia was part of several different counties that had come together pre world war. They went by a different name for a bit but the second king of this newly formed Union renamed it Yugoslavia to help unite everyone. Yugoslavia lasted for a decent amount of time but slowly tensions grew and the counties started to separate until it was just Montenegro and Serbia. Eventually Montenegro declared independence leaving their union with Serbia as it returned to its own independent county.

It’s a very interesting and proud history full of conflict and political strife (as the history of many countries is). However that’s just the last hundred years of Serbia’s history, the county itself dates back to the late 8th century! So that’s my small history lesson about Serbia and Yugoslavia, let me know if you enjoyed learning something new today, or if you’re wiz kid and already knew all this! 

See you all on Saturday for the weekend edition!