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Hump Day Nature Walk

Hey everybody, Viggy here. Sorry for the late post, I had work earlier today. And was messing around with Gutenberg for the last few hours. Decided not to move onto the new editor, for now, had some difficulties with the automatic sharing and didn’t want to disrupt the chain. If anybody has any experience setting up sharing features in Gutenberg let me know so we can connect! Anyway, onto what you came here for, another Hump Day post to help relax those work junkies.

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Weekend Edition October Shenanigans

It’s finally October! Okay, well it has been for a week, but this is more first opportunity to break out of a content formula since it began! I wanna give you guys a little update before I talk more about the content this week. It’s not related to this blog, but I’m thinking about launching a video game review website soon. Hit me up if you’re interested in becoming a critic and we’ll discuss.

Now for what you’ve been waiting for! October shenanigans…

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