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Hump Day Island Cruise Finale

Welcome my readers back to the third and final part of our Island Cruise story. Your captain Viggy here just coming to do a little introduction! You’ll be seeing these a lot more from now on. This is so I can give a little breakdown of what new readers can expect!

So without further ado, please relax and enjoy this segment designed to transport you out of your workspace and into a space of tranquility. Read More

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Hump Day Island Cruise Edition

“You’ve just won an all expense paid cruise!”

I watched as the banner flashed in my inbox, the words dancing across the window. I normally wouldn’t bother with such obvious click bait, but boredom at my work desk inspired me. I filled out the little boxes, concluding I’d likely be getting an advertisement in the mail sometime soon.

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Hump Daaaay! Editon #1

What up, what up, what up my precious work horse. It’s time for your little slice of heaven, your little mind massage courtesy of your man Viggy. Let’s go ahead and kick on the smooth jazz; in our head of course wouldn’t want you getting in trouble at the office. Mhm there you go, bust out some cucumber slices. But don’t cover your eyes just yet! You’ve gotta read this after all. Now let’s take the cucumber and toss it into a salad. Yep a nice, tasty, wholesome, salad yum. Cause you deserve it, enjoy a bit of herbivore feed, let them nutrients make you feel right inside.

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