A Short Explanation For The Coming Week

Hey everybody, feel free to think of this post as a weekend edition if you’d like but I don’t consider it against my standards. I just wanted to give a short explanation for why there was no post Friday. I’ll be taking the week off from this Friday until next. This is because I’ll be working Thanksgiving and Black Friday for some holiday retail hours. I’m spending this week either working or proofreading/editing my book. Normally I’d be able to juggle all three obligations, but with the way my schedule is for the next few days, it is unlikely. Unfortunately, my priorities are work>book>blog so I’m forced to focus my efforts for the following week. However, I will be back swinging on Sunday with a Weekend Edition post to discuss the Holiday season. For the record, do not expect to see a Flash Fiction make up post for the previous Friday or the upcoming one, a Hello to on Monday, or a Hump Day on Wednesday.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. I appreciate all the recent likes and shares, we’ve been gaining great momentum together and I can’t wait to be back on a more regular schedule. Happy holidays! Be back soon!

The Mind of Viggy Version 2.0!

As of about thirty minutes ago I’ve updated the about page of the site to reflect this announcement. Here’s a little break-down of the schedule of content you can expect!

Weekly content:

Weekday edition – Weekend edition – Flash Fiction (somewhere in that time)

Non-weekly content:

Hello to… (will publish as we get views from different nations)

More (hopefully) soon!

Schedule will be restarting as of this weekend! So look out for the first post! I’ve revamped some of the menu options to your right and all the way at the bottom. You’ll see easy to use follow buttons, categories, and recent posts, all to your right. At the bottom you can find an archive for finding some of my older posts. I’m looking forward to managing a dedicated publishing schedule again. See you soon!

Warm regards,




Has everyone heard about the newest challenge out there?

Welcome back to another slice of my mind! It’s hump day unless your week starts on a Tuesday now so lets celebrate halfway through the week. So has everyone seen or heard about this don’t judge challenge? Is it wrong if I judge the people doing it? I don’t think most of this kids think they are doing anything offensive but to me the message I see can be quite mean and hurtful.

If you haven’t seen the videos, basically these kids paint pimples on their faces and make a silly face into the camera, then cut away and reveal they didn’t look ugly at all. This to me just says “we have the ability to change ugly features into beautiful (even normal) features.” If you want to teach acceptance and not to judge, then you should try and avoid saying that people should be able to change.

Yet again, I doubt most of these kids are doing this to purposefully offend people. I don’t expect them to think that far forward about their actions. I do however hope this will teach some of them that just because something is main stream or popular doesn’t make it the right or okay thing to do, even when you think you may be spending a positive message, you have to really stop and think about what you are saying in relation to the rest of the world.

So let me know what you think about the don’t judge challenge. Did you come off the same way to you as it did to me? What are some ways you would spread the message of don’t judge? Let me know down below and I’ll see you on Friday!

I hate Mondays

Today hasen’t been so bad. I didn’t get in any major accident or have anything bad happen to me. But I still hate Mondays. And I think I have a pretty good idea why most of you might to and it has a lot to do with the weekend. The weekend is where most people’s social lives live, if it’s gonna be class or work on the weekdays everybody wants to spend their weekends the way they want.  So after spending a whole weekend adventuring, dancing, doing whatever, you wake up one morning, soon after the fun started, and get reminding by the word Monday that its time to go back to the grind. You can seriously see why someone would start to hate Mondays when they view it like that. 

So when I woke up this morning and saw it was Monday all I wanted to do was turn away from the clock and pretend it never existed. However we all have to get up eventually so I eventually pulled the blanket from over my head and started my day. The whole time begrudgingly cursing Monday. I’m sure this isn’t the same for everyone, I’m sure some of you love the idea of waking up bright and early Monday morning and getting right back to work. Me however? I wish the weekday started on Tuesday, how about you? If your weekday started on Tuesday what would you do with your Monday off? Would you prefer the week stay the same? Why do you think I hate Mondays so much? Let me know down below and I’ll see you Wednesday everybody!