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Weekend Edition Number FIVE

It’s been a little over five weekends now since the re-launch of this blog! When I started The Mind of Viggy three years ago it was messy. Uncoordinated, unplanned, and unsubstantial, I wasn’t sure what I was doing. Add on the hectic life of a college student, and you didn’t what was gonna come up, or when! Now it’s a different story…

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Weekend Edition October Shenanigans

It’s finally October! Okay, well it has been for a week, but this is more first opportunity to break out of a content formula since it began! I wanna give you guys a little update before I talk more about the content this week. It’s not related to this blog, but I’m thinking about launching a video game review website soon. Hit me up if you’re interested in becoming a critic and we’ll discuss.

Now for what you’ve been waiting for! October shenanigans…

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