India lens

Hello to India!

Ooooh, how exotic! We made it to our first subcontinent India. Let me be the first to say Namaste or Salaam, at the risk of appropriating culture I’ll also add in a, “hi how do you do?”

I think it’s very cool that you, in India, found me in America. Every time a new country comes to visit I like to reflect on the amazing advancements society has made. Without the internet, the likelihood of me ever interacting with someone halfway across the world was minuscule at best. Now we live in a world where we can share ideas across continents!

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Canada wildlife flag

Hello to…O Canada!

Viggy here bringing it a little north this week.

Yessss that’s right. Canada, good O Canada, came to visit this little blog down south. I know what you might be thinking.

Canada is part of North America, I didn’t think we were doing North America, HEY! Why haven’t we done America!

No? You weren’t thinking that? Well good, because I wasn’t going to explain my reasoning anyway!

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