window night water droplets lights

Flash Fiction #3 The Window

Sometime during the long hours of the day I must have lost track of time. I leaned back from my writers desk and stretched towards the sky. I could feel the crunch of my back as my spine popped. My shoulders twisted in their sockets as I laced my fingers together high above my head and bent them down. I let out a satisfied sigh as I felt my muscles stretch and my fingers crack.

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Made bed

Flash Fiction #2

“It’s not my imagination!” I slammed my foot down into the soft carpet causing a dull thud.

“Sure sure,” my parents said, as they tried to suppress their giggling laughter.

Their attempts to hide their small smiles behind morning papers and coffee mugs did little to that effect. Instead only making my face grow more red as they ignored my claims.

Seeing the shade on my face my mother attempted to wiped the grin off her’s and tried to paint a picture of concern on it instead. “Don’t you think you’re a little old for monsters under the bed dear?”

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