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Flash Fiction a Day Late

First things first, I need to apologize to you, my valued reader! This post was intended to be produced fresh on Friday for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, I got called into a last minute out of state training I had to drive to. This left me with no time to write this post yesterday so I apologize, but I haven’t forgotten and so I’m giving you the piece today!

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Flash Fiction the Halloween Finale

Oh, we’ve reached the last Friday of October already! This means this will be the last fiction filed into my Halloween category until next year! Don’t worry there will still be freaky and surreal stories in the future,; just not as focused on fear as this month has been. And seeing as how this is the edition closest to Halloween, we’re gonna go all out on the creepy vibe!

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Flash Fiction Halloween Horrors

Hey everybody, it’s your captain Viggy here. Just continuing my aforementioned introduction and conclusion sections I’ll be adding on all my pieces now. Full disclosure, this week’s flash fiction was a prompt listed online but I found it too interesting not to write about. This segment is all about fiction told in a thousand words or less. It’s designed for the everyday person, who might not have the time to read a full novel, but still want’s to digest a story regularly. So this week I present to you, “Escaping from your car you’ve crashed into a lake.” Read More