December Weekend Edition

Hey everybody, just coming back into the blogosphere after my hiatus. This week I’ve got some general updates for you all in a variety of categories!

So editing is continuing along, slowly. Mostly due in part to working holiday hours, but also moving into a new place. There have also been some Black Friday digital sales I picked up for my Xbox so that’s a factor too, but I mostly keep my leisure activities to the late night. I’m hoping to get it fully edited within the next few days, hopefully only a week max. That’s one of the major reasons I still haven’t been posting, is the overall lack of time to write a quality article.

So far I’ve fallen behind in my own editing schedule which means I’ve been trying to commit whatever writing time I’d normally have into editing. I manage about a chapter each day that I sit down, the issue is actually finding the time to sit down. That means I’ll probably be keeping the writing schedule overall light until I do manage to get it done. Even this article I’m squeezing in after a full day of working, moving boxes, and hopefully a gaming session tonight to relax.

Once I get into the swing of things, I’ll get up to speed in writing again. As I finish my first novel and send it off to my alpha and beta readers, I’m going to start planning my next work; a collection of short stories that revolve around a haunted theme park! I’m excited about this project because it’s fun, energetic, and different from story to story as time progresses. I’ll be building an outline, some thematic ideas, and the actual ordering of the book before sitting down and committing myself to write a short story at minimum a week. This project should clip along fairly quickly. and I’m planning on editing as I go as well. Meaning once I write the last short story, the project is good to go!

Now there is something more serious regarding the direction of this blog. To give you the short end of it, this site will be turning into my author webpage. The interface will be getting updated over the following few months, taking on a more professional approach. Basically, it won’t be a front-facing blog anymore, but I’m still very committed to blogging,

What this likely means is I’ll be having a section along the main heading titled blog where my recent posts will be displayed. It will likely turn into a much more curated space, involving Weekend Editions like this, where I discuss going on’s or things on my mind. However, you can still expect to see flash fiction included in there, it’ll likely just be a reduced number. These changes are because Hello to and Hump Day might be great for building my audience (hello you audience), but they don’t really fit into my idea of an author space.

So that’s my post, I’ll be back next Sunday for another Weekend Edition, and hopefully be back into writing mode instead of editing mode. I’ll be slowing transitioning into the lighter schedule I mentioned above as I build into a new site (expect that to launch in early 2019).

Thanks for your continued support! I hope you’ll still frequent my blog in the coming months, and I hope you’ll pick up my book as I look to having it published and digitally distributed.

Here’s that part where I ask you to like and share! Don’t forget all my Weekend Edition posts can be found at the top! More of my creative writing can be found on my Patreon! I have another short story I wanted to add to it, but I sent it off to a literary magazine and I’ve gotta wait to see if they want first publishing rights!


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