Weekend Edition Holiday Shopper Rant

I’m live once again bringing you your promised content after my short break. Now, this is not a story to trash the holiday black Friday shopper. But this Weekend Edition is going to discuss why I find it so crazy that we open retail stores on Thanksgiving!

If you’re a black Friday shopper, relax, this isn’t about you. However, if you’re a Thanksgiving shopper prepare to feel personally attacked while I tar the retail stores too.

Why have we allowed corporate American to turn the holiday about being thankful and with your family into an excuse to bum rush a retail store after enjoying an early dinner?

Listen I get it, you want the deals on deals, big business wants your holiday cash. However, I must confess I think there’s a better way to do this. Many stores now offer holiday pricing for the entire week of Thanksgiving. Did you hear that? Almost every deal you could get on Thanksgiving day, you could get during the week. Retail stores are doing this not to swindle you out of the best deals during their normally small 48 hour retail window, but to drive down the number of customers rushing the stores the day of.

Truthfully the only reason to come to a large holiday store on Thanksgiving now is for the “door busters”. The totally exclusive deals you can only find on either Thanksgiving or the Friday after. So realistically, the only reason to come into a store on Thanksgiving is for the handful of limited model items that the retailers refuse to release at any other time. Of course, brands and stores could simply shift these items onto black Friday (as they were historically for the longest time) and allow the retail world to not work on a holiday about family and togetherness.

So my PSA is this, stop shopping on Thanksgiving. Grab the spectacular deals going on during the rest of the week. You most likely do not need to be there on Thanksgiving. These advertisements are now listed entirely online. Meaning you can figure out if the one item you absolutely must grab is available as a 48 hour exclusive or not. Furthermore, seriously consider shopping during the rest of the week. The only reason 1 in 4 Americans have to work this Thanksgiving is because of the other 3 who come in.

Personally what I’d prefer to see is the entire concept of black Friday shifting into a week-long event. We already see sales going on now for the entire week if we could just manage to shift those handfuls of exclusive items back onto Friday. Give the retail workers a break, there’s already a staggering number of days in the year they actually work for. I want to say many of them are only closed maybe twice a year?

Can we make a pact here and now then? Can you avoid the temptation of going into a retail store open on Thanksgiving next year? No matter how good the prices. Many of these stores remain open because they claim, “That’s what the customers want.” But I wholeheartedly do not believe that. This comes from my personal experience with the huge number of customers, and people outside the store, who express sentiment for having to work on the day. We know the only reason you come in is that they put a few exclusive items out on the day, it’s not because you want to shop on Thanksgiving, it’s because you perceive a deal you can’t get at any other time.

I don’t blame you for these stores opening up, I know that’s just corporate Americans way of trying to shift the blame off of themselves. However, as long as you continue to allow the retail worker to be exploited companies will continue to hire dozens of seasonal employees with the penciled in expectation of a mandatory work day on Thanksgiving. And I also believe that you, just like me, would rather see people spending the day with the people that matter most to them, rather than cramming into a retail location because of a well-priced item. Because in the end, it’s not things that matter, it’s people.

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