Hump Day Nature Walk

Hey everybody, Viggy here. Sorry for the late post, I had work earlier today. And was messing around with Gutenberg for the last few hours. Decided not to move onto the new editor, for now, had some difficulties with the automatic sharing and didn’t want to disrupt the chain. If anybody has any experience setting up sharing features in Gutenberg let me know so we can connect! Anyway, onto what you came here for, another Hump Day post to help relax those work junkies.

It had started out as just a simple walk. I had packed a simple lunch from home and eaten it rather quickly, so I still had a lot of time. There was a park relatively close to the office I had never gotten to explore before and figured this would be the perfect opportunity.

The city had a way of sending a million distractions my way, but I kept my head down and power walked through the few blocks to bring me near the edge of the park. As I entered its leafy confines the chaos of the city began to fade away the deeper I went. Eventually, I found myself lost in the yellowing foliage of a forest hidden among the concrete.

I had stayed on the paved path shuffling through the leaves that had fallen to the ground as I gazed up at their dangling twins. The wind blew cold but gentle sending another batch of yellow and orange tumbling down. Their edges played against each other as they sliced through the air and reflected off each other.

As the newest bundle met the pavement of the path I stepped towards the pile stepping onto the fresh leaves as a pleasing crunch filled my senses. I twisted my sole sending another crunching sound to fill the air. As I lifted up my foot a strong breeze came sending the crumbled pieces scattering into the wind.

I took a deep breath, the scent of the broken leaves filling my belly as I closed my eyes. My mind took flight with the broken bits as they lifted off into the sky carried by the breeze. I imagined their path through the park, swirling between branches and over quiet ponds filled with ducks.

My mind followed the path of the wind until I felt the breeze tickling my hair bringing me back towards reality. I took one more look around at the yellow and orange treetops as they rustled with the wind and began to walk deeper into the park. As I went the path became covered in more and more leaves that crunched underfoot as I walked. Winding through the park I came to a charming bridge that draped itself over a quaint pond.

All across the pond leaves clustered along the surface floating along as the wind pushed them across. They played across the water like yellow sailboats bouncing off everything in their path. From between the leaves, ducks bobbed and dipped into the water surfacing again with a shake to clear the droplets from their faces.

I watched this all from the bridge, as I ran my hands over the aged wood of the railing. I felt the texture, rubbed smooth by countless hands under my palms as I moved them across the surface. After a few minutes of silent reflection above the water, I made my way across the bridge and onto the other side.

With a leisurely pace forward I continued into the park. My path took me along the edges of the pond, bringing my close to the clamoring ducks who quacked as I passed. They followed along close behind in their search for bread as I took patient steps. With a few annoyed quacks, they soon realized I had nothing to give as they made their way back to the water and away from me.

Eventually, the path began to loop around, bringing me closer and closer to the city beyond the edges of the forest. As I drew near, the bustle began to envelop me once again like a blanket of static thrown over my head. Those last dozen feet of the forest felt painful to cross as I looked back into the grove of autumn trees that had surrounded me.

One final step pulled me from that world and into the hustle of the city streets. I walked along the sidewalk, keeping myself close to the barred fence that ran along the edge of the forest. Through a break in the tree line, I spotted the picturesque bridge from earlier, before I turned my back towards the park and made my way deeper into the concrete jungle to find my workplace again.

I’ll admit this one took a while to get those juices flowing, so I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know with a comment below what you thought, and if you did enjoy it leave a like or share this post to let me know. Per the usual, anyone interested can get more exclusive writing available as my Patreon.


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