Weekend Edition Podcast?

Disclaimer! This Weekend Edition is not a Podcast! This Weekend Edition is about me discussing the potential of a Podcast, and why I’ve been thinking about it! Please note, I’m also crowdsourcing advice and knowledge in the comments section below.

So last weekend many of you might not know but I actually went to an independent authors conference. If you didn’t know, don’t trip about it, I kept it super quiet and actually pre-wrote all of my posts for like a week leading up to it!

During the conference, I definitely took in a ton of great knowledge. I’m just starting to truly go through and dissect everything that has come to me. One of the biggest pieces of advice I heard repeatedly was to Podcast.

Now I’ve known about Podcasting since 2010. While sitting in a high school talking to some of my nerdier friends (even nerdier than me), they mentioned listening to regular Podcast.

Since then I’ve noticed a trend, typically intelligent, successful, driven people or some combination of the three regularly listen to or produce Podcasts. I think this is because the people most committed to their passions recognize taking in new ideas is important.

To put it bluntly, the best way to improve in anything is to keep track of what current success stories are already doing. I’ve known this for a long time, and as someone committed to growth I practice it regularly. However, in ignoring the Podcasting community I feel I’ve ignored a major avenue for growth. Friends from marketing, to science, even writing are all listening to Podcasts. They all attest to the value of gaining insight directly from industry leaders in their fields.

So now, after having it once again drilled into me how valuable a Podcast can be I’m at a critical junction. I really enjoy my Weekend Edition, but I feel the format would work considerably better as a Podcast. I could still of course post the segment here every week with a short description (because cross-marketing is important). Also, in the future I feel putting myself in front of the camera/mic will be important in my artistic career. I already offer live segments on my Patreon, and this is just one more step in creating a dynamic platform.

Ultimately, I think diversification is good. I don’t see myself as just a writer but as a content creator, someone with a background in various forms of creative content creation. But I really want to get the insight of my readers, would you be interested in getting something like a Podcast? Or should I instead channel it into a Patreon only reward?

There’s a lot that can be done and said with a Podcast, and soon I’ll be tapping into the medium either way as I explore the knowledge it has to offer. Should I simply be a sponge that absorbed? Or should I contribute my thoughts and ideas in a new and refreshing way, possibly in a way that keeps my content more variable for you?

Either way, I’ll always be working on my craft. Every word I write just increases my proficiency, which is partially why I’m always hungry to write more. I have a long journey ahead of me, however. And I do acknowledge I should be doing as much as I can to further myself along that path.

Let me know your Podcasting thoughts down below! Please like and share so I can gain as much insight as possible! Find all my Weekend Edition posts under the respective category in the upper right. And of course, if you love my writing and want to get more exclusive content, check out my Patreon.

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