Flash Fiction a Day Late

First things first, I need to apologize to you, my valued reader! This post was intended to be produced fresh on Friday for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, I got called into a last minute out of state training I had to drive to. This left me with no time to write this post yesterday so I apologize, but I haven’t forgotten and so I’m giving you the piece today!

A ring from my doorbell pulled my head up from my morning read.  I had become lost in the book over the last few days, drawn in by its flowery descriptions of space. Luckily I had the week off from my teaching job to really get into the binding.

I turned the corner of my page dog earring it near the top; chuckling to myself as I thought, sacrilegious to some.

I stepped out of my cozy warm library and strutted to the front door ready to greet my visitor quickly and be back to the world between those pages.

I admit I pulled open the door rather quickly, keeping a friendly expression that could not hide my body language upon opening the door.

My shoulders tensed as I caught the eye of a smiling couple standing together a few feet from the door. I was about to ask what they needed when a small squeaky voice near the ground almost sent me jumping back.

“Happy Thanksgiving!” The little pumpkin decorated munchkin yelled as she lifted up a small handwritten letter towards me.

Any irritability immediately fell away as I recognized the smiling face of one of my students. “Is it Thanksgiving already Samantha? I almost forget, thank you for reminding me!”

“No problem Mister H! See you in class next week!” Samantha turned around and joined her parents as they gave a friendly wave goodbye before the entourage began walking back towards their car to drive away.

“Thank God they started their giving early or else I might not have had time!” I rushed to my library and cleared the few books that piled on my desk as I  pulled out some lined paper and began to rapidly write my thanks giving letters.

Almost an hour and a half later I had finished my papers and folded them neatly into decorated envelopes. I couldn’t help but smile at the pumpkins and orange leaves that decorated the exteriors. Grabbing my keys I made my way out the front door but stopped just beyond its boundary.

“How could I forget!” I ran back inside to grabbed a large empty bowl and set it out on a chair outside. “There, now all the thanks givers will be able to leave their notes.”

I pulled out of my driveway passing by various groups of children dressed up as food items as they made their way around the neighborhood passing out cards to their neighbors and friends. Turkey legs and mashed potato globs ran around carrying stacks of letters under their arms. Pumpkins and cranberries argued over which had the best costume as they walked together hand in hand.

Making sure to smile and wave at each group I made my way past them slowly until I turned onto the main road; ready to visit everyone I was thankful for with a Thanksgiving letter personalized just for them.

I spent the next few hours stopping at various houses. Some were home, others were still out visiting thanks on their friends. By the time I was finished, it was time to drive the few miles to my families house where I’d get to sit down with those I was most thankful for and enjoy a delicious meal.

Was this story inspired by Halloween or Thanksgiving? I honestly can’t be too sure! Either way, leave a comment down below with your thoughts! As always likes and shares are greatly appreciated! All my flash fiction can be found under the tab in the upper right, just under the category Flash Fiction! If you feel like supporting the arts, and getting access to exclusive content, check out my Patreon.

PC: https://www.pexels.com/@inna-heasley-231580

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