Another Hump Day in the books

Welcome back desk jockeys! I hope the work week has been treating you well. Was the weekend as relaxing as it needed to be? Either way, let’s get into this post designed to give you a mental break from your work week.

From the nightstand sitting beside my bed the small shape of my phone began to vibrate against the wood. The vibrating crux was soon accompanied by a distinct ringtone filling the air.

“Ohhhh”I groaned, as I lifted up my bed from the warmth of my pillow.

“Just five more minutes,” I muttered aloud with only myself to hear, slapping the snooze on my phone and dozing back off.

Minutes passed like seconds in my dream world as I shot out of bed hearing the second coming of my alarm. It was only then that I bothered to look at the display, reading the date in my head.

November 7th… Something puzzled me about the date. I could feel a fuzziness in the back of my head as the haze of sleep began to recede, and the cloud of memory began to form.

“Today! Today is the day!” Sure, it was a Wednesday, but it was also my day off!

What to do, what to do? I laid in bed pondering how I’d spend my day off. My smile crept across my face as the ideas came.

Reading? No, it’s too early for that. Maybe a walk through the park? Better to be lazy today and work the rest. Watch TV? Why when I can do that anytime.

Again the words echoed through my head, What to do, what to do?

Something I normally couldn’t on a regular workday. Something that allowed me to avoid expending energy. Something that would really help me recharge my batteries.

“That’s it!” I said, with a giddy laugh for good measure. There was only one thing to do on a day like today. I glanced at my phone one last time, flicked the switch to silent the sound, flipped the screen over to avoid any distractions, and settled back into bed.

“Drake is right, I only love my bed and my mama.” I pulled the cover up to my chin and buried my head against the pillow letting the warmth seep in once again.

I must have slept for hours after that. It was deep and uninterrupted by any dreams I could remember. The only thing that seemed to exist in my mind was the feeling of being held in a field of soft cotton. To sound cliche, it almost felt as if clouds caressed me and rocked me deeper into a lull.

When I finally woke up, I knew sleep had been the perfect medicine. Sitting up with a big stretch and a waking yawn I felt the energy flowing through me. I felt light on my feet as I took the first steps out of bed. My mind turned to all the activities I had envisioned doing earlier in the day.

First, a walk to get the blood flowing. Then, some reading to stimulate the mind. Finally, some television to help me couch potato my way through the night.

I attacked each activity with a renewed vigor. The boundless energy of my rest carrying me through each one without delay or distraction. By the end of the day, I felt rewarded, relaxed, and productive. Sure I had slept in a few hours, but I turned those hours into increased productivity to hit everything I wanted to do today, and more!

By the time the night was ending and I found myself cozying into bed once again I reflected once more on Drake. I love my bed!

I echoed the words in my head as I slipped into a comfortable position, and felt the clouds come once again to ferry me away to sleep.

Hope you found this week’s post relaxing! Maybe I inspired some envy for that bed desire! Leave a like or comment below, and don’t forget to share with your friends! All my Hump Day posts can be found at the top right under the category Hump Day. Check out my Patreon for exclusive short stories and information about my novel!


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