Hump Day Let’s Get a Massage

Ahhh, a massage. Such a small creature comfort is something to be longed for every day. So with this Hump Day post let’s take a little trip into a world of zen.


A soft chime announced my arrival into the small studio. My mind immediately took notice of the aromatic air that seemed to permeate the room. Lavender, and cinnamon mixing together to pour from one nostril to another. I couldn’t help myself from taking a deep breath as my lungs soaked it all in.

The receptionist sat patiently behind a small counter a smile on her face as I walked through the door. Something told me she recognized the look that came across my face as I entered the room.

“Welcome to Zen Sense, did you have an appointment?” Her voice carried low and gentle, like a lullaby to my ears that drew me closer.

“Yes, at three thirty.” I could fight the infectious smile that began to grow across my cheeks. “I’m not too early am I?”

“Right on time, is this your first time seeing us?”

“Yeah, first massage actually.” I felt slightly embarrassed as I said the words. Surprised I had waited so long to enjoy an experience that was already proving to be relaxing.

“Alright first I’ll need you to fill out some forms.”

I took the paperwork without complaint and sat in a comfortable leather sofa as I began to write. My ears slowly adjusted to the lower volume of the studio, causing them to finally pick up the low tones that reverberated through the room.

As much as I tried to concentrate on the paper I felt my mind slipping into the surreal quality of the music. I found myself gazing into a world of low tones and hypnotic beats as I attempted to fill out the form.

After what felt like hours but was likely minutes I had managed to complete the waiver. I stood, feeling slightly tipsy as I made my way back to the receptionist behind the counter.

“Here you go.”

“Excellent, right this way please.”

The receptionist stood slowly letting the chair push back as she did so. She came around the corner and gestured for me to follow. I walked along after her a slight bob in my step as I did so.

She led me into a dimly lit room and patted the padded table that rested in the center. “Go ahead and lay down on your stomach the masseuse will be in shortly.”

I did as she instructed, careful not to disturb the table too much as I laid down on it. After a few short minutes, the door opened once again as someone entered the room.

“Good afternoon sir, are you ready for your massage?

I managed to mumble out a loud mhm as the masseuse began her work.

I had only paid for a light massage, shoulder and back work to ease the muscles after years of slouching. As her hands traveled over my back I could feel the knots rippling under the surface of my skin.

She directed my arms down at my side as she began to roll her palm over my shoulder blade working to release the muscles. Each time I felt the muscle wrap with a slight pinch, growing smaller and smaller each time. After working on one side for a solid five minutes she switched to the other, repeating the process on the other side.

After a good fifteen minutes of work, the muscles in my back were unknotted under her skillful hands. I began to zone out as the sounds of zen whispered around my ears. Her fingers began to caress my shoulders as she worked on the twisted flesh.

I closed my eyes giving in to the sensations as my breathing began to slow. Already with the knots gone from my back, my breathing felt deeper and easier. I inhaled over and over slipping deeper into my mind as her fingers worked.

Eventually, I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. I lifted up my head from the table, feeling the grogginess of sleep like a blanket over my head. I groaned as the masseuse handed me a glass of lukewarm water.

“Thank you for coming to see us, I hope you enjoyed your massage. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids today”

All I could do was nod my head as I gulped down the water, already thinking towards when I would visit again.

And we’re back. Man, this made me wanna go get a massage. How about you? Leave a like and share if this post did the same to you! Don’t forget to comment as well. Find similar relaxing stories under my Hump Day category in the upper right menu. If you’re looking to support the arts, and get more exclusive content, check out my Patreon.


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