Hump Day getting in the zone

Welcome back my office warriors to our special segment dedicated to you. You’ve been working in that cubicle all week and we’re only halfway through so take a fifteen and enjoy this read.

Office HR had finally caved in to our requests! After months of nagging and signups, we got corporate to approve the purchase. The first of the packages had just arrived and were being set up in a rarely used meeting room. Outside a crowd of coworkers had gathered preening around the entrance to the room. I shuffled my way to the front of the group to get a good peak.

Three brand new stationary bikes rested in the center newly-assembled by the company. As the delivery men made their way out the crowd separated to let them through. Before the crowd could reconvene and HR manager pushed through with a chart tucked in her arms.

“Everyone, I know you’ve been waiting months for this moment and that demand will be high for the first few weeks. So, I’ve produced a sign-up sheet for the use of the bikes.”

She walked to the doorway and pinned it up on the wall. Due to the position I had pushed myself into earlier, I now found myself directly in front of the signup. I took the opportunity to hastily jot my name down on the first slot. I pushed my way out of the crowd as they began to scramble to sign the sheet, and made my way to my desk.

I pulled open the drawer and pulled out my earbuds in a tangled mess. Before I walked away I grabbed my water bottle ready to get a little workout in. By the time I made it back to the room I had untangled my earbuds. The crowd had cleared making it an easy thing to walk right in and hop onto the bike.

I plugged in my music, stuck my bottle into the holder, and pressed start on the machine. The bike started on a low setting, flat land with minimal resistance. The music in my ear began to build as I peddled at a leisurely pace. My legs stretched and worked hard as the peddles gaining in speed as I got into the rhythm.

My hands grasped at the handles hard, my head tucked down as I became lost in my music. The beat thumped in my brain as I worked my legs in tandem with the rhythm. I closed my eyes as I worked on the bike, letting my mind float away.

I sailed down the avenue of a quiet town, no obstacles in my path to disturb my casual ride. I had nothing but endless sky ahead of me as my goal. My legs worked harder and harder at the peddles, causing the avenues and street corners to wiz by as I progressed. I could feel my forehead dampening slightly, the cool air casting a slight breeze against the beads.

By now my limbs had loosened up, I kicked now than ever before, the chain of the bike almost unable to keep up. As I sped forward I broke free from the concrete of the city as I flew into the well-maintained path of a park. I stuck my right hand out as I passed, feeling the scratchiness of the leaves as they glided through my fingers. A smile crept onto my face as I returned my hand to the handlebar. My legs pumped slow and deeply letting the chain spin on its own to carry me forward.

I took a deep breath, feeling the cool air rush into my lungs. The sweat on my forehead had tried in the cool air leaving me feeling the burn in my legs alone. The music thumped loudly in my ears as I turned my mind’s eye towards the next segment of my ride.

Just as I prepared to peddle madly once again I felt a firm grasp on my shoulder. My eyes tore open suddenly pulled from their visions. I glanced to my side to catch the eye of an impatient looking coworker. I hastily pulled off my earbuds with a flush of embarrassment coming across my face.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize my time was up.”

I pulled myself off the bike, collected my things, and wobbled back to my desk. My leg’s felt loose and weightless as I sat back down in my cubicle. I quickly pulled out a post-it note and scribbled a message to myself for tomorrow.

Don’t forget to sign up for another bike ride.

Hey everybody, sorry if this post is finding you a little late! I’m trying to push back the clock because analytics has told me 7 P.M is my most viewed time. So, I wanna catch more of those after work browsers! Anyway as always let me know what you thought in the comments below or message me directly on Facebook and Twitter. Leave a like/share if you feel compelled. And as always those of you who wanna support the arts and get even more content like this can check me out on Patreon.


1 thought on “Hump Day getting in the zone

  1. It was a great read! I enjoyed it, thank you.


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