Flash Fiction Halloween Horrors

Hey everybody, it’s your captain Viggy here. Just continuing my aforementioned introduction and conclusion sections I’ll be adding on all my pieces now. Full disclosure, this week’s flash fiction was a prompt listed online but I found it too interesting not to write about. This segment is all about fiction told in a thousand words or less. It’s designed for the everyday person, who might not have the time to read a full novel, but still want’s to digest a story regularly. So this week I present to you, “Escaping from your car you’ve crashed into a lake.”

“Ughhh my head.” I found myself slumped forward my forehead resting against the steering wheel.

“What the hell happened?” I ran through the series of events in my head. I was coming home from work, I had stopped to pick up groceries, on the way back there was a dog in the road.

“Oh my god!” I shot my head up from the steering wheel sending a stabbing pain through my skull. I had swerved to avoid the dog and now…

My headlights still flickered in the murk of the water. I craned my head to the side trying to look up towards the surface.

“Maybe thirty feet of water… How long have I been down here?” It couldn’t have been long, the water was only just now beginning to creep up to my ankles.

If I remembered my life lessons correctly, I’d need to wait until the car filled almost entirely with water before trying to open the door.

“Deep breathes,” I told myself, as I reached down and unbuckled my seatbelt. I cleared my head as much as I could, feeling the water begin to climb towards my knees.

A shiver ran up my spine as the water flood onto the seat, the cold water beginning to submerge my lower half. “Not much longer now,” I tried to rationalize to myself.

I closed my eyes pushing the chilling feeling of the water sliding over my waste out of my mind. I focused instead on the dog wandering happily along the road. At least the little guy would be enjoying himself somewhere far away by now.

A cracking noise forced my eyes opened as I watched the glass along my windshield begin to splinter. No no no, my head screamed.

I suddenly found myself praying the water would fill in faster before the glass collapsed inwards. Swimming out of the murk would be significantly harder with shards buried in my eyes. I grasped at the door handle, Now or never, I thought as I began to press my hardest against the pressure outside the door.

Shit! The door still wouldn’t budge, the pressure from outside was too great. A deadly cracking sound came from the glass as water began to trickle through. The water had yet to reach my chest yet, but I couldn’t wait any longer.

Thinking quickly I grabbed my briefcase which floated in the back seat and held it in front of my face. I continued to take slow even breathes waiting to hear the sound of the glass breaking. As I exhaled I heard the window shattering. Hundreds of gallons came rushing in at once, smacking my briefcase against my face. I took a deep breath just before the water filled my mouth.

Finally equalized I pushed once more onto the door. It opened without complaint leaving me free to swim to the surface. I swam hard, reaching for the surface as I came closer and closer. My head pounded in my ears as I came towards the top.

I burst through the surface of the water, coughing for air as I broke free. I paddled my way tiredly to the shore some twenty feet away and dragged myself out of the water.

As I stepped onto the road the same dog came rushing up to me, now followed by a concerned looking man. “What the hell happened? This dog came running up barking like crazy.”

I wiped the water from my face and flicked my wrist towards the ground. “Nothing insurance won’t handle. Thanks for finding my dog.”

I patted the dog on his furry head, his tail wagging as he looked up at me.

There’s no way I’m not taking this dog home with me.

Well, that’s it for now everybody. Hope you’ve been enjoying my flash fiction pieces. Do me the favor and click that like and share button if you do. And if you wanna get more content like this sent right to you go ahead and click that follow button. You can do so on WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter, and there’s even an email signup at the bottom if you’d prefer that. As always if you’re feeling really committed you can check out my Patreon.

Thanks again for giving Viggy here some more of your time! I hope I made your quick stop worth it.

Sincerely, your captain,


PC: https://pixabay.com/en/users/YamaBSM-1300729/

P.S I’m a sucker for these high contrast photos.

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