Hump Day Island Cruise Finale

Welcome my readers back to the third and final part of our Island Cruise story. Your captain Viggy here just coming to do a little introduction! You’ll be seeing these a lot more from now on. This is so I can give a little breakdown of what new readers can expect!

So without further ado, please relax and enjoy this segment designed to transport you out of your workspace and into a space of tranquility.

Everything around me was painted in a light hazy blue. I sat out upon the water facing East, watching as the sun began to creep over the horizon. Splaying my hands and feet out I felt the water ripple under my fingertips as I did so. Dark blue clouds slowly began to change into hues of pink and yellow. I stood upon the water and stretched high towards the changing sky.

At the peak of my stretch, I awoke in my bed. Arms to the sky like in my dreams. A level of content had washed over me after my days of vacation. Content, and something else, deeper in the back of my brain. I pushed past my alleviation to pick at the feeling.

It’s the beginning of the end, the thought came suddenly as I held a microscope over the feeling.

“Ah,” I said aloud to myself, “best enjoy every second of it then!”

The cruise ship would be meandering along the ocean for the rest of the day. While the next stop was close to Nassau, as much of the Bahamas are, the vessel would be taking an extra day under the sun before settling into the port of Freeport that night.

So, I quickly hopped out of bed and took off my more formal Nassau attire and slipped into some poolside gear. My skin still sizzled from the days in the sun but I didn’t mind. A light application of sunscreen would keep me from suffering a burn while I spent the rest of the day lounging. My neverending supply of daiquiris kept me both well hydrated and feeling loose. Despite it being a cruise ship pool on an uneventful day, there was a lack of children running around the pool or making a commotion. Leaving me free to soak up the sun and relax. I made my way to the dining hall as the sun just began to set and enjoyed a well-marbled steak seared to tender perfection.

As I finished my last bites, the captain’s voice came over the intercom. “We’re approaching Port Lucayan. Please make yourself ready to disembark.”

I hurried back to my cabin and changed for a night of exploring the town of Freeport. Thirty minutes later I was rushing off the boat and into the markets of the harbor town. I wandered through the varying stalls seeking the perfect souvenir to end my journey. Slowly the stalls began to change as I made my way deeper into the island and away from the port. Large stalls gave way to small, cheap manufactured goods became handcrafted ones. Eventually, I came to a packed stall on the corner of a row. Masks of various colors and sizes hung from rungs in the ceiling of the stall. Some help corded beads running down the sides like colorful hair, others elaborate designs painted into the wood. I haggled with the merchant for a while and eventually settled on a reasonably priced regular sized mask with a good mix of paint and beads. Feeling triumphant I took my purchase and made my way into a more vibrant part of town where music played throughout the streets.

I didn’t have as much time to enjoy the nightlife as I had in Nassau, but I managed to settle in at a restaurant near a vibrant music hall. I ate a simple meal while tapping my foot along to the beat. I watched the stream of friendly faces and happy couples making their way through the doors of the club and allowed myself a happy moment of vicarious living. From my place at the restaurant I heard the loud horn of the cruise ship, informing its guest of its plans for departure. I hastily paid my bill, but made my way back at a leisurely pace, taking in everything the streets of Freeport had to offer.

As I approached the docks of the port one more time the feeling in my heart grew heavy. The last few days had felt so free to my mind, that I grew sad with the knowledge I’d wake up tomorrow back in my regular world. I made my way into my room and pulled the mask from the paper the merchant had wrapped it in. I flicked on a small light and sat down studying it under its hue. I tracked my fingers over the grooves cut into the wood, felt the layers of paint that had been applied stroke my stroke. My fingers ran through the beads, sending a rattling through the room as they brushed against one another. I set it down gently among my possessions and hit the switch one more time, showering the room in darkness. I laid down gently in the bed, and let sleep overtake me with the preparation of my return to reality tomorrow.

Twenty-four hours later I found myself sitting at my desk. Clicking through the last of my emails I gazed back up at the mask I had hung over my computer. A mixed feeling of happiness and regret washed over me as I looked once more at the powerful mask. Yes, Bahama Mama may have given me my cruise for free, but in doing so had created a customer for life.

And now we’ve reached the end. Just like at the top you’ll be seeing regular breakdowns at the bottom. I hope you’ve enjoyed this hump day mini-series. If you have go ahead and click that like button and feel free to share it with your friends. If you wanna keep up to date with the latest releases, or start a conversation, follow me on WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter. You can find me on all three under The Mind of Viggy.  If you’re feeling really committed check out my Patreon.

Thanks for giving me some of your valuable time today! I’ll see you all soon for my Flash Fiction segment on Friday.

Best, your captain,



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