Weekend Edition Number FIVE

It’s been a little over five weekends now since the re-launch of this blog! When I started The Mind of Viggy three years ago it was messy. Uncoordinated, unplanned, and unsubstantial, I wasn’t sure what I was doing. Add on the hectic life of a college student, and you didn’t what was gonna come up, or when! Now it’s a different story…

And I’m ecstatic to say, it’s working! Just to break it down for those of you who like stats, I had made over twenty posts in a two month period of 2015, today I’ve made my twentieth post in a single month. That’s because I’ve actually made a content schedule, which has helped me tremendously. My average post was around 250 words (ew) to sitting over 800 now (yay)! That’s because I actually have topics in mind, I’m not just shit posting into the wind. And because of that, in half the time as my posting in 2015 I’ve managed three times the content, and three times the reader interactions.

It can also be said, that I’m taking my writing a lot more seriously now. I’m working on my first book, which is about 80% done as of last night! It’s one of several writing projects I have planned in just the next year. I’m working on getting my word count up to over 2000 a day, which of course this blog is helping tremendously by getting me writing consistently. And I’ve officially launched a Patreon in the hopes of raising enough funds to start content writing full time! The page isn’t fully set up yet, I’m continuously getting new ideas to add to the tiers and increase the level of interaction with my most devoted fans.

I’ve also started sending my work out for submission, mainly a few short stories I’ve had workshopped to great reviews. I even won an essay contest to attend the Independent Authors Conference in Philidelphia this November. I’m hoping to learn a lot about marketing my upcoming novel, whether I go indie or traditional, it’s sure to have a lot of useful tips! I’m hearing back on a few submissions in the next couple of days and I’ve got my fingers crossed for good news. If I win, it’ll be my first work to ever be published! If not, I’ll be adding the stories to my Patreon rewards to offer more exclusive longer length short stories for my paying contributors.

I’m really excited for the future if you couldn’t tell by all the info I’m dumping on you guys. A little breakdown, I was always the kid with my head buried in a book, using it to escape from reality. Now I don’t need to escape from reality as much, but I still want to provide the same experience to my readers. Nothing is more magical than opening a book and being scurried away to a new world. And I wanna provide that experience to my readers as much as possible.

Whether that’s into what’s going on up here in good old Viggy’s mind. Or into a world of fantasy, a world away from the everyday monotony. It means a lot to me every time I gain a follower because to me it represents one more person I can share my vision with. In the long run, there is no end to the number of people I want to entertain. If I could end up in the hands of every human being on Earth, it still wouldn’t be enough! Blast my words out into the infinite universe! Let some advanced alien species decypher the English language and end up with a story of mine that leaves them saying, “what the hell is happening on this planet!” Of course, I’ll be long dead by then, leaving them to ponder the meaning, the message, and the images it envokes. Even better! I wouldn’t want to ruin it by spilling all the details myself. After all, those age-old writing tips will always hold true to me, “no surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader.”

So this is gonna have to be the part where I shamelessly plug myself. Because the most important thing for any inspiring author to do is marketing, networking, and branding. That is, besides the actual writing of course! If you see my vision, if you like the word I’m putting out, if you want to see where this ship ends up, then please check out/share/pledge to my Patreon which I linked above (and below). If you don’t that’s really honestly 100% okay with me. I do this because of what’s inside, not what’s in your wallet. The only reason I even ask is so I can throw myself into writing without having to worry about the roof over my head or the food in my fridge. I also encourage you to get in touch with me, via Facebook or Twitter, to share your thoughts! Nothing inspires me and helps me develop more than your feedback.

With full sincerity, and the hopefulness of youth, regards,


P.S. I’m such a sucker for these party photos. Must be my adventurous spirit!

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