Hump Day Island Cruise Part 2

As I stepped from the boat and into the sun of the Caribbean sea I found myself struck by the beauty of the island. Here was a place with a history older than America itself, and still covered in a natural allure.

I had heard of the amazing beaches that dotted Nassau, but after spending the last day drowning in the sands of Long Island I was looking for a little more excitement from my stop. The boat would be setting sail in the morning, meaning I had all day and night to soak up everything the island had to offer.

My first stop would have to be the historic sites. Climbing the Queen’s Staircase all the way to the fort at the top, revealing the breath taking view of the island surrounding it.  Then making my way through the streets to The Cloisters, enjoying its view of the crystal water where I felt a sense of tranquility at the peaceful local overcome me. I followed that sense of peace through the streets of the city, into the bustling town squares full of the energy I longed for.

I stopped a native and asked if he could help me take a picture for the gram. He readily agreed and I got to work on the pose. Arms out splayed towards the sky, one leg kicked out, with a big smile on my face; looking happy for the followers. After he handed my phone back I asked him about any of the local sites I might not be able to find via a map. Following a brief but friendly conversation he pointed me in the direction of a regional attraction.

I followed his directions closely through an almost residential area until I came to the edge of what I sought. Blackbeard’s tower, as the local called it, a site rumored to have been favored by the great pirate himself. More of a modern day ruin, it was nothing more than a quick stop to inspect the area and imagine a by-gone day. Half the fun was in the finding it! Tucked behind trees it was not something on the beaten path, which added to the allure of an ancient pirates den.

Spending the hours wandering as I had, had finally begun to drag on me. I decided to head back into town and find someplace lively to eat. Entering the town square again I found myself with two choices, a quiet place where what looked like several tourist sat enjoying their meal; or a much more lively bar with locals spilling out of it. Following my sense of adventure I walked into the native establishment. Ordering at the bar I acquired some simple bar food and a strong rum to wash it down with.

As I ate the last bits of my food and ordered another drink a face came from the crowd to give me a warm smile and clasp me on the shoulder.

“My friend! How was the tower?”

I immediately recognized the local who had snapped my pictures. We explained some more pleasantries and agreed to follow each other on social media. After the exchange he invited me back to his table. I shrugged and said why not, ordered another drink, and paid my tab before walking away from the bar.

His table was tucked in a corner nearby the front, he quickly introduced his friends to me, and soon we were all laughing around the table like we had known each other for years. After a long night of laughs and drinks he came to me again and patted me on the shoulder.

“Eric, it was great meeting you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. For now I say goodnight, and goodbye.”

I was sad to see him go, vacations have a way of making you grow close to people. It must have something to do with the knowledge that you likely won’t spend more than a day or two getting to know someone. It has the power to make us drop our walls so much quicker, and discover the essence of a person that much faster.

As he left I checked the time on my phone. Damn time had flown. While I knew I could stay out partying all night, as little as there was left, I knew I’d want to spend time relaxing on the boat tomorrow rather than sleeping in.

I gave my new friends a big wave and a warm hearted goodbye, and left the tavern, making my way towards the dock. I made it back without trouble and fell face first into my king size bed with a smile on my face, thinking about what tomorrow would bring.

Viggy here, hope you enjoyed part 2. Next Wednesday I’ll be back with the finale part 3. Enjoy the rest of your work week!

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