Hello to Romania!

Viggy here, welcoming you back to our weekly Hello to segment. This week we’ll be taking a look at Romania! Truthfully, I know almost nothing about this country, but that’s exciting to me as this allows me to absorb so much!

As always, it’s thanks to Wikipedia that I’m able to conduct this research.

Let’s get started shall we? First and foremost, Romania has had a ton of different names in just the last hundred years! However, during much of that time it has been refereed to as Romania. The territory itself has shrunk and grown much during that same time, but has remained fairly consistent since the 1950s.

Before it was Romania, it was known as Wallachia with the first mentions of the name Romania written in a letter from 1521! Wallachia, along with Transylvania and Moldavia, make up much of the region that would go on to become modern day Romania.

Eventually this collection of regions was integrated into the Ottoman Empire, but still retained a high degree of autonomy for the next several hundred years. Fast forward to the late 1800s and we finally see Romania earning its independence AND being recognized! It maintained relative peace and stability until the first world war. During the initial years of the conflict it remained neutral, but eventually joined the allied coalition. Through treaties signed before entering the conflict, it grew to its largest landmass following the surrendering of the central powers.

During World War 2, Romania again sought to be neutral, but was forced into action by Russia by threats of invasion. Following the threats the Romanian king was forced to transfer power to a military dictator who went on to aid the Axis powers. This dictator followed the policies set by the Nazis and was responsible for the Holocaust in Romania. Eventually the former king staged a coup and overthrew the dictator, who was later executed for war crimes, and switched sides to join the Allies!

Since that time October 9th (tomorrow) has been Romania’s National Day of Commemorating the Holocaust.

From just my short research, it is clear to me that Romania has had a bitter, hard fought history. Throughout that time it has remained united, hardy, and sustainable. The people there are surely some of the toughest and hardest working imaginable, and their ranking as one of the fastest growing economies proves it!

This has by far been one of the most interesting and at times confusing histories I have learned about while doing this segment. I only wish I had more time to delve deeper into the intricacies of the Romanian people!

Until next time! Viggy out.

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