Weekend Edition October Shenanigans

It’s finally October! Okay, well it has been for a week, but this is more first opportunity to break out of a content formula since it began! I wanna give you guys a little update before I talk more about the content this week. It’s not related to this blog, but I’m thinking about launching a video game review website soon. Hit me up if you’re interested in becoming a critic and we’ll discuss.

Now for what you’ve been waiting for! October shenanigans…

As my large American audience knows, Halloween will be upon us soon. Now some of you may only celebrate the day and forget about it the other 364. But I have some friends who spend the entire year counting it down (thinking of you Victor). If you ask me, that’s some major dedication to the spirit (ha) of Halloween. I don’t even start counting down my birthday until I hit the week before! Yet my friend in the years I’ve known him has religiously kept track of the impending date better than a kid before Christmas.

Now I know there is always the holiday debate. When is it appropriate to start hanging up decorations? When can one start getting into the spirit of Halloween. It’s like the pumpkin spice debate, is fall when it begins? Or do we wait until November? Well I can solidly say it’s your opinion on the matter either way. It’s fall okay, obviously fall is pumpkin season!

Anyway, back on topic. I’ve been inspired by my friends dedication. So, in dedication to his dedication I’m declaring October spooky month! Each of my flash fiction posts are going to revolve in some way around the theme of spooks for the entirety of October. You might have already noticed the last flash fiction story was following this theme. That’s because I had it planned the entire time! Total evil genius moment muhahahaha.

Now for my opinion on the Halloween debate. Obviously, there are people who love this holiday. That puts a smile on my face, even if it also puts a scream in my lungs. And if you ask me, it shouldn’t be reserved to just one day a year. Culturally we already follow this pattern. Scary movies come out anywhere in October, entire TV channels dedicate themselves to the scary and surreal, monster theme parks and costume parties crop up left and right. So, despite my personal fears, I think the entirety of October should be dedicated to the spooks. At the very least, it means our obsessed friends can cut 31 days of counting from their 365.

This is coming from someone who actively avoids scares, especially the jump scare kind. I have no love for the holiday personally, but I understand the appeal to some. Also, as a writer I get to practice what I love EVERYDAY. And I think we should let the people who have a deep love for Halloween celebrate it as much as they want to too. It’s rare for human beings to find that one thing we deeply and truly love, and we should be able to celebrate that thing every day. So, despite my beating heart and crazy imagination, I actually feel joy about Halloween now. Because I know there are some people out there who spend the entire year waiting for it, the excitement building day by day; and I think they should be allowed to express themselves as much as they want, just like my love allows me to do.

What’s your take on the Halloween debate? Do you support the idea of 31 days of fright? Or are you on the other side of the fence? Comment down below if you think I’m just crazy. And be on the lookout for my upcoming content. Hope to give you chills all October long!


Your Spook-master for the month Viggy

P.S Victor, why aren’t you sending out your midnight mask-covered Snapchats this year?

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