Hump Day Island Cruise Edition

“You’ve just won an all expense paid cruise!”

I watched as the banner flashed in my inbox, the words dancing across the window. I normally wouldn’t bother with such obvious click bait, but boredom at my work desk inspired me. I filled out the little boxes, concluding I’d likely be getting an advertisement in the mail sometime soon.

Only some fifteen minutes had passed when my phone began to buzz in my pocket. Grateful for any distraction I pulled it from my pocket and said hello.

“This is your exclusive guest pass for the new Bahama Mama cruise line, reserve today.”

What luck! I thought as I made my arrangements.

A full week later found me lounging by a pool in the middle of the ocean. It felt so good in the sun with the ocean breeze through my hair. My skin tingled from the days under the clear skies, away from my desk and on the sea instead.

My all expense ticket offered me the full luxury treatment of the Bahama Mama cruise line. Cocktail waitresses brought me a never-ending stream of daiquiris fresh from the wet bar. Chefs seared steak and shrimp to succulent perfection and served direct to my exclusive booth. Even the room was fitted with a large balcony that presented a gorgeous view from my king size bed.

The first day on the ship consisted of the relaxation treatment. Full body massages, manicures and pedicures, even face masks complete with body scrubs. I lost count of the number of times I fell asleep under the masterful caresses of a masseuse or masseur. Even the awakenings were pleasant with a small touch on the shoulder and a light squeeze to rouse me from my sleep.

After a full day of muscle relaxation and body work I could feel the refreshed effects on my body. Ever muscle felt smooth, every knot expertly disintegrated into the fold. I awoke more awake then ever before with barely a yawn or stretch. We had pulled into our first port Long Island. Per my request I was directed to a private stretch of a beautiful beach. Emerald green water sparkled around me as I laid with my toes submerged in the ocean. I slept like a dead man in the water, half submerged, the waves tickling my ears.

After my nap I pulled out the snorkeling gear lent for free to me by the cruise line. I dove into the water and took in the sights of the sea underneath the waves. Small schools of fish scattered through the water as I drew close, reappearing some yards away as a pod once again. I dove deep to the bottom, and collected a handful of tiny shells from long dead creatures.

I ended the day sitting back on the beach, my shells scattered around me, watching as the sun dipped low on the horizon scattering yellow and red across the sky. I sat awestruck as the colors played across the ocean as the sun crept down. Before twilight could settle fully I stood and walked barefoot through the cooling sand, guided by the last rays of light back to my ship.

The ship set sail again that night, gliding across the ocean. I watched long into the night from my bed as the moonlight cascaded along the waves. Drifting into a restful sleep my dreams filled with visions of skipping along the midnight ocean, feeling the wind in my hair, the reflection of the moon in my eyes. The small vessel of my mind tumbled through the waves, soaring into the sky at the crest of each mighty one. I trailed just behind the cruise ship catching its wake as I played along the ocean.

Hours later I was woken by the loud horn of the cruise ship as it pulled into its next port. Nassau stood alive and energetic off the edge of the boat. Faces clamoring at the docks, ready to bring a world of entertainment to the islands visitors. I stepped out onto my balcony and gave a wave that would match the energy of the island. Smiling natives waved back, then returned their attention to the tourist that shuffled from the boat.

I raced to get ready, rushing through my morning ritual, practically throwing on my clothes. I pulled on my sunglasses, and began to make my way to the gangplank, ready to step from the restful allure of my cruise into the wild energy of the islands. I pressed into the crowd that formed to exit the boat, excited for my next adventure.

Part 1 end, check back next week for part 2.

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