Hello to India!

Ooooh, how exotic! We made it to our first subcontinent India. Let me be the first to say Namaste or Salaam, at the risk of appropriating culture I’ll also add in a, “hi how do you do?”

I think it’s very cool that you, in India, found me in America. Every time a new country comes to visit I like to reflect on the amazing advancements society has made. Without the internet, the likelihood of me ever interacting with someone halfway across the world was minuscule at best. Now we live in a world where we can share ideas across continents!

So now allow me to formally introduce the country AND continent of India. Many may not realize but India is home to some of the earliest civilizations. These civilizations date back millennia, meaning India has had a humongous impact on the culture of every religion and nation on Earth today! It would make sense then that India happens to also be one of the most populated countries, in the world! In fact I’m willing to bet that India will be the most populous country to ever visit this blog (I’m not sure where China stands in regards to its internet censorship). It makes even more sense then, that in a country of over one billion people somebody would stumble upon this blog!

I must say I feel America owes a big salute to India, and a somewhat minor salute to Britain as well. If it wasn’t for the strife that Mahatma Gandhi endured in seeking to liberate his nation from it’s colonial oppressors, then the most famous civil rights leader in America (MLK) would have never been inspired by the power of nonviolent protest. Gandhi, and to that extent India, are directly responsible for inspiring the powerful protest and civil disobedience that attributed a paradigm shift in America. Make that one more point towards India under, “influencing the world.”

Either way our visitor is to be celebrated! So Seeing as how I’ve reached the extent of my knowledge, it’s time to dig up some facts about India. Thanks Wikipedia 🙂

Did you know not only does India have some of the earliest examples of ancient human societies, its also an old landmass. Like really old. I’m talking a billion years! That’s how old some of the oldest rock formations date back! Of course in that time the continent has slowly sunk under the Euroasia plate. However, not one to be subverted, that Indian plate decided to leave its mark on the world by producing the largest mountain ranges on Earth. Yes we have India to thank for the mighty Himalayas. So you mountaineers be sure to tip your hat to the sacrifices of this inspiring continent.

Not only is the continent responsible for breathtaking mountains. The nation itself is the worlds most populated democracy! Making India a beautiful combination of history, geography, and thought! Besides all that, the country has, since its liberation, made great efforts in reducing the colonialism that still plagued the world after World War 2.

In the future, expect bigger and better things from India! It’s one of the worlds fastest growing economies, and while it may have problems is on its way to addressing those. A section of the world with longstanding cultural influence, it continues to fuel art, music, film, and more as it progresses.

That’s all I’ve got for India today. Soon I’ll have to visit this majestic slice of the world that has truly influenced so much of it! Thanks India, and thanks to our visitor! Hope to see you in the mind of Viggy, and my analytics, again soon.

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PC: https://www.pexels.com/@uwc12

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