Hump Daaaay! Editon #1

What up, what up, what up my precious work horse. It’s time for your little slice of heaven, your little mind massage courtesy of your man Viggy. Let’s go ahead and kick on the smooth jazz; in our head of course wouldn’t want you getting in trouble at the office. Mhm there you go, bust out some cucumber slices. But don’t cover your eyes just yet! You’ve gotta read this after all. Now let’s take the cucumber and toss it into a salad. Yep a nice, tasty, wholesome, salad yum. Cause you deserve it, enjoy a bit of herbivore feed, let them nutrients make you feel right inside.

There there, relaaaax. Think of this like hypnosis. Go ahead and let your mind slip out of work mode, and instead focus here. Let’s paint a picture in our minds. We’re surrounded by nature. Green trees, draped in a misty dew. Underneath our feet is the crunch of leaves as we take a slow walk to our destination. Smell that? It’s a bit of dew mixed with a wet grassy smell. Up in the treetops little birds chirp. You look up towards the streaks of sunlight coming up from above, following the movements of the birds as they hop along from branch to branch. A twig snaps in the forest to your right, your head turns looking deep into the shade of the forest. A young deer paces along with her head down chewing grass bit by bit. For a moment you stop still, eyes big taking in the patterns that trace along her flank. Something deeper in the jungle calls her, and she slowly makes her way further into the thicket. You continue along your path, as it slowly opens up more and more. No longer do you hear the soft crackling of leaves under each step. Instead in the distance the sound of water draws you in. The tree tops begin to separate more, sending warm light to caress your skin. You feel its streaks against your cheek as you approach a clearing. After a few more steps you escape from under the trees. Soft gravel crunches under each step as you approach the waters edge. You hear the soft lapping of the waves against the rocks surrounding you as you lean down deep and dip your fingers in. The chill soaks in slowly as you trace shapes upon the water, smiling at your reflection as the ripples cascade through your image. You stretch up towards the sky feeling the last droplets of water roll down your fingers past your wrist. Cautiously you make your way towards the babble of the small stream, stepping softly as you head further up the river. The splashing of the water creates a rhythm with the wind that now rustles the leaves. You stop just at the foot of the brook, scanning the moss covered rocks as the water washes over them. Your eyes hover there for just a moment, before turning to scan the clearing. Further down the stream the sunlight reflects off the water. Its light like a million diamonds on its surface. You lift your head up once more towards the sun, and take a deep breath. The cool air fills you as you inhale to your core bringing with it the scents of the forest. Your smile widens on your face, as you dip down to caress the cool water once more.

And we’re back. How was it? I’d love to know in the space below. Was I able to transport you out of your work space and into my world? That’s all for today’s Hump Day Edition. This segment will continue to be like this for the foreseeable future. So, if you liked it make sure to check back next hump day so I can take you on another adventure.

Until next time,


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2 thoughts on “Hump Daaaay! Editon #1

  1. That was a bit vivid in a way as if it were an open portal only looking out from it instead of jumping into it. You’ve appealed to the senses and brought a token of tranquility to your readers and I hope this doesn’t cease the creative flow that radiate from your narrative. It is a muscle; and muscles can always get stronger with time, and so will you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m treating these and my Flash Fiction segment as creative exercises to help get the juice going before I sit down to do my daily book writing! I’ll try next time to make sure you get pulled into the portal rather than just viewing through it.


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