Hello to…O Canada!

Viggy here bringing it a little north this week.

Yessss that’s right. Canada, good O Canada, came to visit this little blog down south. I know what you might be thinking.

Canada is part of North America, I didn’t think we were doing North America, HEY! Why haven’t we done America!

No? You weren’t thinking that? Well good, because I wasn’t going to explain my reasoning anyway!

Now as may already be apparent to much of the world, as an American I have almost no knowledge of anything outside America. Does this include our big neighbor to the north who we share an absolutely humongous border with? You bet your ass it does!

So here are a few things that I know off the top of my head, ten provinces , shares not one but two borders with American soil, burned down the white house before we were friends (okay sure, before Canada was even a thing), and has a healthcare system that puts America to shame (sad face). But that’s the boring stuff, the stuff we learn for school stuff, the type of stuff you already knew stuff about, the stuff you tell me to shut the stuff up about.

Okay, okay, I get it, fine. Here, some… facts you may not have known!

Canada is big. Like really big. How big? It can be a little hard to tell with our Mercator maps which like to stretch the middle just a bit. So I went and found the answers for you. Canada is the largest nation in the world, second only to Russia. Let me make sure you caught that, Canada is the second largest nation in the world.

So what’s on all that landmass? Lakes, literally. Now I’m not saying Canada is just one heterogeneous body of lakes, but I’m also not saying it isn’t! This country has more lakes then lets say… every other place in the world! Yep, combine the world, except Canada, and Canada still has more lakes than you.

So of course, no big surprise then that with all those lakes, the national winter sport would be ice hockey! Actually hockey is so big in Canada it’s considered a national pastime! So of course upon finding that out I was pleased to discover that the Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy in North American sports!

Taking it all in, it’s clear that Canada is a country rich in diversity, culture, and filled with breathtaking landscape. Sure it might be a litt- very cold, but the country is so large that even in the snowiest winter you can still find natural beauty near by!

That’s all for Hello to! It was great working with you Canada! Thanks for that informative Wikipedia page too! For anyone keeping track, that’s four continents now! Next on my list is Africa! Let’s see if we can get a hit sometime soon so I can get to exploring a place full of distinct cultural differences and rich heritage.

Where oh where will we end up next?

Your host,


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