Weekend Edition and Updates

Viggy here, before I get too deep into the subject of this weeks weekend edition I wanted to take some time to update everyone on the content schedule. It’s been just over a week since the site revamp, and in this time I’ve gotten the opportunity to reevaluate the schedule. First off, those of you who enjoy the Hello to… segment will be please to know I had a multitude of different countries check us out this last week. That means our special segment is now going to become a regular one! Every Monday until we run out of countries visiting us we’ll be featuring a new one! This will be bringing the weekly blog posts to a total of four! Secondly, the weekday edition will now be known as Hump Day Edition! Which, as you’ve probably already guessed will happen every Wednesday! This means our Flash Fiction segment (which appeared on Wednesday this week) will now be moving to Friday to become Flash Fiction Friday! Lastly the Weekend Edition will now earn the place it belong, every Sunday to serve as a true week end post. So I’m gonna place it formally here before I update the about page!

Monday – Hello to…

Wednesday – Hump Day

Friday – Flash Fiction

Sunday – Weekend Edition

Anyhoo let’s move onto what you really came here! Something with some energy, some pizzazz! None of that boring stuffy stuff up there bring your eyes down here…

You’ve been busting your ass all week! That forty hour grind however is not gonna stop you. No way cause you’re a weekend warrior! So what would any weekend warrior do? The answer is obviously sit down with your favorite beverage and bust out your preferred electronic device to read this blog. Oh, that’s not quite warriory enough for you? You wanted something a little more highlander mixed with a flying Spartan kick. Well I’m sorry to say there can be only one but please don’t take it out on the messenger!

Instead how about I let you in on a little secret? From now on, that Hump Day post is gonna be inspired with you in mind. It’s gonna be a little something to put a smile on your face and get you out of whatever hiding spot you were in at work. I salute you nine to five types. You’re the cog in the wheel of the car that is society, and that’s why I wanna produce something to give back to you. Rather than a technical document, a cheesy training sheet, or some legal docuspeak, this place will be a bastion of easily digested reads. Because let’s be honest, unless you can read a Steven King novel in a matter of days you probably don’t read enough. And I don’t count your daily newspaper sitdown, text spree, or social media scroll. I mean the type of reading you do for the pure luxury of reading. Something you can digest in a matter of minutes, without the weight of the world, or the nagging necessity to respond / get caught up.

Plus, fun fact alert, it’ll help you be a better reader. Simply put reading for your own enjoyment is the best way to improve reading comprehension, words per minute, and familiarize yourself with a larger vernacular. If you don’t wanna take my word for it I’ve even got a little Lifehack article for you here. Allow your mind a chance to breath in a word storm that isn’t all technical jargon. And I hope, make you able to tackle that next work document with a renewed mental vigor.

Wait stop! Don’t think about it! Ah damn I might have just lost the game while striving to keep your mind off the world. So sorry to do this to y’all but it’s time for me to let you go, because after all if you truly love something…

Next week we’ll be diving into a more serious topic with our Weekend Edition. Namely a little discussion on the evolution of writing, curtsy of a reader request. Expect this edition to more towards more general discussions as the weekday post become more lighthearted reads.

Warm regards,


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4 thoughts on “Weekend Edition and Updates

    1. Thanks! Been working on getting all the little details ironed out. Think I’m finally getting there.

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      1. Yes keep going. It’s great so far


  1. Check out my blog when you get the chance 🙂

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