Hello to (The Republic of) Singapore!

It’s been over three years since the last Hello to segment! But in that time, despite this Viggy going AWOL, we still managed to make it to Asia! Err well Southeast Asia. This is big to me because on my last segment I called out Asia, and wouldn’t you know it over the three years since they came through.

So this post, I’m going all out. Why? Because it’s been two years since our Singaporean visited my little blog and so he/she/they deserve the biggest shout out!

So courtesy of Wikipedia, because I don’t own any geography books, here’s the cool facts I wanna share with you about, say it with me now, Singapore!

First off, can you spot Singapore on a map? If you can you’ve got some amazing vision! This island nation is slightly larger than the land area of Austin, Texas. It’s a little over half the size of the land area of L.A! And the big apple? Good ol’ New York, New York is around twenty-five square miles larger than this entire country!

But despite it’s size Singapore is considered one of the most advanced nations to date! What originally began as a part of Malaysia quickly separated, in 1965, to become its own independent nation. However the rich history of the region traces back to thousands of years earlier with some of the earliest mentions sometime around 100 A.D.

What surprised me the most in doing my research for this post was the rich religious diversity that exists in Singapore. According to the Pew Research Center, Singapore is the most religiously diverse country in the world! Personally I think that’s a beautiful and wonderful thing to have a society so rich in diversity and multiculturalism, and yet still function as a top-tier economic world power.

I’m sure you can imagine how having such a variety in cultures can lead to amazing food and art! Well luckily if you wanted to visit the Airport located in Singapore is known as one of the best in the world! And to top that off Singapore Airlines is considered the best airline in 2018!

That’s all I’ll share for now! Truly you should take the time to learn about this culturally phenomenal place! And if you happen to visit take me with you. So now that we’ve gotten 4 continents, it’s time to call out my next one muhahahaha! Africa! Give me a read sometime and I’ll be there to whip up a little something.

See you soon,


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