This weekend on The Weekend Edition

Normally, this blog is about the eccentric nature of Viggy, I mean my mind. Filled with random bits, and updates on what’s keeping my mind occupied. Now this will always be the format of this particular blog. This is because the written form is where I feel I can best transcribe the notions within my mind. Think of it like free weekly entertainment for you, and free weekly therapy for me.

That being said, this post is going to be a little different. I say only a little, because it’s still about what’s on my mind, but it does have little to do with me.

This is a shout out. CAN YOU HEAR ME?

This is for you, yes you, you anonymous faceless WordPress statistic. If nobody read this, I wouldn’t do it, there wouldn’t be a point to me. Sure you might smile and say to yourself, “yeah right Eric! Writing is your thing, don’t play coy with me!” Personally, even if just one of you found me entertaining enough to read, even if it was just one post, it drives me to continue writing. The ultimate motivation to my aspirations is that I know you are there consuming the culture I produce. I think nothing terrifies a writer more than the notion of fading into obscurity (Freud alert). At the same time, nothing drives this writer more than crafting the skill that absorbed so much of my time as a child. Knowing what you liked, and more importantly didn’t like, is critical to my future performance.

So with all that being said, I wanna give a big thank you to the various people on Facebook who I bugged with a page invite. Sure blogs aren’t the most exciting things, but you either liked me or my work enough to engage and like that page. For that I’m greatly appreciative, and will try to perform my best to entertain you and keep you engaged. I still need to push the envelope further though, so please, in 100% seriousness and honest, if there is ever even a tiny little thing you didn’t like about my post, drag it through the mud.

I want you to play the devils advocate, I promise you none of you will ever be harder on me than I am on myself. But you all have a different point of view, and coming to understand and appreciate as many POV’s as possible is just one step for me becoming (hopefully) somewhat of a commercial success in the writing game.

Once more I thank you kind readers/friends! Now do me the favor and everyone of you become a critic!

That’s all for this weekend edition. Hope it brought a little smile to your face and turned up your sadistic side a notch. Whole slew of content ready to drop next week starting Monday! Hope you’re looking forward to it, I know I am!

See you all next week!


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2 thoughts on “This weekend on The Weekend Edition

  1. Looking forward to reading your stuff, buddy! I’d love, especially, to see your take on the craft itself. Language, evolution of prose from a millennial point of view. Bring it all on!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Jim! Thanks for the feed back bud! Those are some interesting topics I’ll be sure to make a note of them! You’ll especially enjoy the flash fiction post I have scheduled to publish in a few days. If you aren’t familiar with flash fiction it’s an interesting style of writing that I think will evolve the traditional narrative. When I get around to writing the type of topics you’d like to see discussed I’ll be sure to write on it as well.


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