I hate Mondays

Today hasen’t been so bad. I didn’t get in any major accident or have anything bad happen to me. But I still hate Mondays. And I think I have a pretty good idea why most of you might to and it has a lot to do with the weekend. The weekend is where most people’s social lives live, if it’s gonna be class or work on the weekdays everybody wants to spend their weekends the way they want.  So after spending a whole weekend adventuring, dancing, doing whatever, you wake up one morning, soon after the fun started, and get reminding by the word Monday that its time to go back to the grind. You can seriously see why someone would start to hate Mondays when they view it like that. 

So when I woke up this morning and saw it was Monday all I wanted to do was turn away from the clock and pretend it never existed. However we all have to get up eventually so I eventually pulled the blanket from over my head and started my day. The whole time begrudgingly cursing Monday. I’m sure this isn’t the same for everyone, I’m sure some of you love the idea of waking up bright and early Monday morning and getting right back to work. Me however? I wish the weekday started on Tuesday, how about you? If your weekday started on Tuesday what would you do with your Monday off? Would you prefer the week stay the same? Why do you think I hate Mondays so much? Let me know down below and I’ll see you Wednesday everybody! 

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