Weekend edition #5

What’s up everybody Viggy here for another weekend edition! It’s been a full week since the last edition and man am I excited to be coming to you all once again. As many of you may know (if you read my about or saw me mention it) I am a writer, persuing a degree in writing. Well the hardest thing for any writer is meeting a deadline, that’s why I started a schedule for this blog, to work on that. Well the second hardest thing is actually sitting down to write. That’s why I’m really happy my roommate suggested we sit down for an hour a sag and challenge each other to write and work on our ideas in that time. To all you fellow writers out there I suggest you try this as well with other writers. It’s only been two days but already we have both made major progress on our projects. 

But hey here’s some good like advice, keeping a schedule, and making sure to fellow through with it, is a great way to live your life. It keeps you organized and can help you tackle the larger things in life that you may stress about. In the end, remember to keep your cool no matter what and you will come out on top in most situations in life (cause this 21 year old has all the answers). 
Well everybody I’m going to get back to my weekend, let me know what your week has been like, update me on your life since the last weekend edition, share a story and make sure to enjoy your weekend everybody! 

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