Over summer the days seem to blend 

Hey everybody, first off let me say that this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but summer days have been blending together and it wasn’t until I checked my phone at 1 am that I realized the day. However you’ll still be getting a post tomorrow from me! So has anyone else started to have their summer days bleed together? This seems to happen to me every summer, after playing video games for some astronomical number I begin to think back and realize I’m not sure if I beat that certain boss on a Monday or a Tuesday. Luckily we live in an age were all I have to do is look down at check my phone at least once to reconfirm the date, that’s a big if if my nose is buried in a TV screen. That phone only places me in the here and now though, it leaves me with no idea of the past, can’t help me properly piece together the correct timeline of the last two weeks, but I know it was fun, and I know I’m having fun, so that should be enough this summer. 

So what have you been doing this summer? Some people have work, some take summer school, others (like me) have nothing to do. Are you doing what you want to do this summer? Has anything memorable already happened? Have the days started to bleed together? 

Let me know down below, also to my fellow college students don’t forgot class registration. And so with a tip of my hat I shall depart WordPress. I’ll see you all again, tomorrow!

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