Excitement about E3 (weekend edition)

Hey everyone! I’ve been meaning to make a post talking about all the cool things seen at E3 for awhile now so I decided this would be the post! So it’s been awhile since E3 and everyone else has already made their post/video/whatever about it, but I’m noticing almost no one talking about Sony this year, all the hype has been around Xbox. As a Microsoft console user this hype just makes me more excited to be owning one, even if it’s just a bunch of new toys and features for Xbox it’s seem to have blown the competition out of the water this year.

Of course the thing I’m most excited for is Fallout 4 (omgyesplease)! I recently went back to Fallout 3 and beat the game a second time just to get those moral achievements I missed. Having that fresh view of fallout in my mind, as I binge watched as much about it as I could, let’s me really compare and man am I excited! Building bases, new story, voiced character, all this is making it feel more like a mass effect game which is exciting because it’s the first time Bethesda has done something like this to my memory. 

In case anyone is wondering, to me Bethesda is one of the best RPG making studios out their today. I fan boy hard over their content (excluding the zenimax online produced ESO), and in my opinion they have overcome some previous RPG giants like Square Enix who have seemed to be in a decline these last few titles. Hopefully SE can bounce back with kingdom hearts three but at this point that’s the only thing I’ll be buying from them. 

Well I’ve ranted to you enough about RPGs and Xbox so here is a question for you! What did you have your eye on at E3 this year? Did you even see it? Is all this just random gamer lingo to you? And so this is goodbye for today have a good week everybody I’ll see you on Tuesday! 

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