Hello to Australia 

What’s up everybody hope hump day is going easy for you! After my late post this Monday (Tuesday technically) I was astounded to wake up Tuesday morning and see that we have had our first viewer from outside the U.S. So I would like to formally welcome my first Australian viewer! I hope you will find me entertaining and continue to support from the other side of the world! 

Besides that after my post about trying to beat the heat it randomly rained here in LA as I was helping someone move, totally random, or was it? Maybe if I had done a rain dance I could have claimed responsibility but I doubt storm clouds pay attention to WordPress. Anyway so what’s up with you the viewer? Anything exciting I should talk about, anything exciting you want to share? I’ve been considering writing a post about so many people freaking out about gay marriage. However when I started this blog I wanted to avoid hot button issues which are so prevalent in America. Maybe that’s just avoiding the problem (no one actually wanting to ever sit down and discuss the issues) but this is meant to be light hearted and more comedic, and less pouring opinions onto the Internet. 

Anyway that’s about all I wanted to say today, I’ll see you this Friday for a regular post, those looking for the weekend edition can catch it this Sunday and next Saturday, to the rest of you, so long and thanks for all the fish! (Look it up) 

P.S for all the gamers out there, so upset that Xbox is down right now…

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