Late post! / Try and beat the heat

What’s up everybody! Looked at the clock tonight and realized it was about to be Tuesday and I owed you all a post! 

How’s life going everybody? Hope your weekend was epic, mine was the same old thing. Here in LA it’s been hot! Basically I start to melt if I even leave the cone of air the fan provides. It’s not that it’s super hot outside (some days it is) my house just doesn’t let any of the hot air out. It’s like suffocating! 

No one likes the feeling of warm air suffocating them! Especially not me, don’t know about you but I would rather be cold then hot. It just seems easier to get warm when you are cold then cold when you are hot! Maybe you think I’m crazy for liking the cold more but if you like the heat you must be crazier then me! One thing I can tell you about heat after living in Florida for ten years is that it can drive people crazy! 

Its hard to beat the heat is all I’m saying, in the end if you are cold all you have to do is grab another blanket or put on some more clothes. If you want to get cool while the world is on fire around you all you can really do is sit in front of a fan and hope it can overcome the heat. 

Well that’s my rant about the heat, obviously it’s getting to my head. Let me know what you prefer, the icy chill of the cold or the burning heat of the sun! See you in two more days! 

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