(Another) weekend edition!

Whats up everybody, hope you are all having a splendid time this week/weekend. For this edition I’m gonna talk about music!

So I don’t know about any of you but I pretty much love all kinds of music, it doesn’t matter if it’s hip hop or classical at some point in time I’ll be in the mode to listen to it. Let me tell you, music is magical. It’s like the way humans made to communicate all kinds of stories and ideas, and that makes it apart of our culture, something that has been with us for a very long time. 

Have you ever met somebody who didn’t like listening to music? Like no matter what the genre they just hate the sound of music, or maybe even they love the sound of silence. To me even silence can be music, the light hum of my fan as I lay in bed could easily evolve in my head into a completely different beat. Humans capacity for talent and artistic creativity would be something I hope continues to grow and evolve alongside us, after all it’s been a part of humanity for a very long time!
So now I have a few questions for you my reader. What’s your favorite type of music? Is it one specific genre or are you a fan of it all? Have you ever met someone who didn’t like music? Tell us more about meeting that person if you have! Well those are all the questions that have sparked my curiosities while writing this, hope your week/weekend continues to be a blast! I’ll see you in two days my band of fellows! 

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