Blog update / waiting for your comments

What’s up everybody Viggy here coming to you live! So I have been pondering for awhile what type of publishing schedule I’d like to keep. It’s taken a lot of thought but I have decided to post a blog every other day. This way even if my post ends up falling on a Saturday or a Sunday (depending on the week) it will be the weekend edition. This wanting to keep a schedule is for a couple of reasons, first I do plan and wish to become some form of professional writer, and part of that is dealing with things like deadlines! Second I want to get a set schedule out so that those who do follow me can expect my dose of randomness every other day, such a convenient and orderly method for this blog about nothing and everything. 

So besides that small announcement the rest of this is to those of you who happen to stop in regularly. I know there has got to be at least one of you! Don’t be afraid or shy to comment below, hell if you went back and commented on the last two weeks of posts I’d be impressed and surprised! This reason for asking for you comments is for the feedback. First off I don’t know if all of you have noticed yet but I don’t have an editor, I write the post and just hit publish, I’m terrible I know! So point out my slip ups, my typos, and all those things, but don’t just stop there! Maybe there is a topic you would like me to open my mind up about, maybe a story you’re interested in getting my perspective on. Comment and let me know anything you feel like sharing, I’m often looking fit topics to talk about so keep me posted!

Alright everybody, that’s the post for today, just an update on direction and me phishing for comments, have a good one and stay classy San Diego! 

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