The (Vegas) weekend edition 

Hello again and welcome to the second ever weekend edition! This weekend edition we have kinda become a travel blog as I explore Vegas for the first time. What can I say? So far after a single day it’s been awesome! The chips are exchanging hands (so far luckily into mine), the number of beautiful woman are outnumbering men two to one, possibly due to EDC (Electric Daisy Concert) or is this just the way the universe works in Vegas? 

There isn’t much more I can say about Vegas, after all everything is supposed to stay here, so keep any information I just leaked locked down or we may have a problem. 

I do want to say this place is beautiful at night when all the lights come on, and the oxygen they pumped in was exhilarating.  

Well I’m about to be heading poolside, where the sun is warm, the woman are beautiful, and the beer is cold. 

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