Team no sleep / water 

Hello again my good fellows. I must apologize for my current streak of not posting, see over the last 72 hours I have joined team no sleep as I allow my soul to be consumed by video games and anime. Basically I’ve been so engrossed in these two things I have forgotten to let some of my sleep depraved insanity out onto the web for you to read. 

Man, has it been a long, hot week! I don’t know about wherever you are in the world but here in Southern California it’s been on fire! Ever feel like you are melting through your skin? Want to? Then come to sunny California! Where you can experience the joy of living in a beautiful once natural desert that has been fashioned to meet the needs of man. 

Is anyone really surprised that California is in a drought/water crisis? I mean we don’t get much water out here in the first place, and a lot of it goes to agriculture to grow a lot of food for the rest of the country. I suspect another dust bowl if things keep up, that or farmers are going to start packing up and leaving California. Then it will just be a bunch of collage students and Hollywood stars all fighting over who gets the last Fiji water at Starbucks with their large mocha frap. 

So no, I’m not very surprised a desert is returning to a desert. Could Californians do more to conserve water? Of course, but so could the rest of the world. It’s not just water either, mankind does a damn good job punching the earth in the face again and again. Fun fact, there have been 5 mass extinctions in earths history, and we are rapidly heading towards a man made sixth. Okay so not really a fun fact more of a depressing fact, but it’s the truth of our world, natural selection and all that would say this is the norm. The more successful species wins the fight for land and resources. However it’s not like this is two animals fighting it out in the forest over who gets to eat from the banana tree, this is humans transforming the land to suit their needs, if animals could fight back they would, after all who wouldn’t try to repel foreign invaders trying to take their resources. So to me, mankind’s war on nature isn’t really a fair fight, we can’t stop it but we can try to make it better.
Okay now I want to know what you think. What do you think of the California water crisis? Of the potential sixth extinction? Let me know in the comments below, and as always I’ll see you soon! 

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