The weekend edition 

Hello again everybody and welcome to the first ever weekend edition! Today I want to talk about something important to all of us, sleep! I don’t know about you, but I love it. In fact right now it’s 11 am, and that’s way to early for me, all I want to do is roll over and sleep until at least past noon. Luckily for me life allows me the luxury of sleeping in, however that’s not the same for everyone! Some people get up at the crack of dawn to begin their long day of work, to those people I salute you, you’re the type of person who makes the world go round, now go take a nap you deserve it! Some people wake up before dawn, those people I call crazy, which coming from me means they have some serious problems, go back to sleep you darn pre-dawn risers! 

I love sleep so much I have become the guy who sets 10 different alarms all 5 minutes apart. And I make sure it’s the super loud wake-you-up-from-death siren. I’m hoping that this weekend a lot of you got to sleep in, catch up, or just enjoy the warm comfort of your bed, but maybe you didn’t! So tell the rest of us, what’s your sleeping schedule like? Are you like me, sleeping in till the afternoon? Are you the person waking up pre-dawn to do your pilates (psycho)? Maybe you are part of #teamnosleep and your shouting at my right now “damn you viggy, sleep is for the week!” Whatever it is I wanna know. And with that question in mind this is the end of the first ever weekend edition, so have a beautiful day, and if needed catch up on some sleep.  

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