Hello Internet (from the screen of my phone)

What’s up everybody! For my post today I wanted to try out the WordPress iOS app, so far it seems good and has been easy to navigate which is always a big plus. Next week I’ll be going on a trip but I wanted to make sure I could still post during that time away. So rejoic all ye followers, next week while I’m in Vegas I’ll still be making sure to give you my slice of brain matter (hopefully I’ll remember in the haze of Vegas). On the topic of Vegas…the word excitement is not exciting enough to express my feelings, while you won’t be hearing about the contents of the trip I assure you I’ll be having a great weekend rager as part of my 21st birthday celebration (even though it happened last month). 
So my question for you today is two fold, first have you ever used the WordPress iOS app? If so what are your thoughts? How long ago did you try it? 

And part two is a little more…riskay. Have you ever been to Vegas? Where did you stay? Did you win big or go home bust? Is their anything about your weekend you would share, and do you have any recommendations for a young man planning to have a great time in Vegas?

That’s my post for today folks, I’m going to go back to drinking my beer, cheers and I’ll see you tomorrow! 

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