Entry three, the importance of Tuesday

Whats up my motley crew of fellow commoners, ever wonder what makes Tuesday so important? I should clarify, after all Tuesday may be unsubstantial for you, however for me it will alway be connected with a special day. This Tuesday in question may also be so memorable because it happened only a little more than a month ago. For you see my fellows, it was on a Tuesday not to long ago I turned 21. Yeah the big 2 1, now to you folks outside of America this may just be another notch on your belt of life, but for us here it feels like a right of passage. No longer am I the youth who was DDing his friends to a bar, now I get to sit at the bar and order my overpriced beer. My hope is this day remains as memorable in my mind as it is my heart, I hope I always remember that Tuesday, the people I spent it with, the places I went, the first alcohol I legally purchased (Heineken tall can 3 pack from 711).

So now that I’ve gotten to reminisce about an event that happened just last month, why don’t you sit down and tell me about a memory you have, one you hold dear, or even an unusual one that seems to stay with you forever? An important part of who we are, what we think, how we act, etc are our memories. They shape our lives, fuel our relationships, can make you laugh or cry with a simple thought. So share them, they’re apart of who you are, remember even though the internet is anonymous, you don’t have to be!

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