Captains log, entry 2

It’s day two of the so far perilous journey into the mind of viggy, already the crew has begun to regret signing on to this mission…

Hey how’s it going everybody! I wonder what was your day like? Mine has basically been video games and anime all day, yay summer break. I don’t know about any of you but I’m a huge RPG fan, like…it might be an addiction… and I’m not just talking Skyrim and Fallout okay? I mean every single final fantasy up to 13-2, I’m talking more excited for KOTOR3 then Star Wars 7 (Knights of the old republic), I’m talking one single save file for every installment of Mass Effect. So yeah, fan of RPG’s (I know there are many more great RPG’s out there but I tried to keep my small list main stream) what type of games do you like?

Better yet let’s go beyond what type of games do you like, lets ask this question instead…

What type of games do you like, and why?

Whoa, that question just got waaaay harder by adding those extra two words, but dammit I wanna know! And don’t just limit yourself to video games, I wanna know if you’re the double dutch jump rope champion of the world, or are you the freeze tag ultimate ninja warrior? Is your one and only game in this world a simple card game? Or are you the luckiest blackjack player alive. Don’t stop there! Tell me what makes you the freeze tag ultimate ninja warrior! Can you blend into a closet full of clothes better than a chameleon, or is the secret to your amazing blackjack luck that rabbits foot you keep hanging around your neck. The point is people I wanna know, give me something to read, tell me about yourself, even if the internet is anonymous you don’t have to be.

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