Welcome to the jungle….

Welcome welcome one and all to the mystifying and extreme world of the mind of yours truly. I’m Viggy (not my real name) sometimes I go by Eric but here on the great big internet I’m Viggy. At this point you are probably wondering why the hell I’m making this blog, either that or asking yourself what drugs I’m on. Let me fill you in on the mystery of why my mind is about to be on display, truthfully? I’m bored!!! I was just sitting here looking at my blank new tab page saying to myself “What am I supposed to do on the internet?” Then I said, “What the hell, I’m a writer, I’ll go write, at least entertain myself a little bit!”

And so, here we are! Entry 1 of *drum roll* In The Mind of Viggy where anyone who shows up and bothers to read can get to hear me spue –

verb: spue
  1. expel large quantities of (something) rapidly and forcibly.

– randomness from my brain, maybe I’ll have something interesting to say, most days probably not, but hey you’re here for the ride, so sit back, grab some coffee, burn your tongue accidently, and enjoy!

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