About Viggy

The Mind of Viggy; All About Entertaining You

Who is Viggy? Who is Viggy you ask? Well, what details would you like to know about? Let’s see, wordsmith, eccentric of that there is no doubt, and striving to entertain you. I, the man, the myth, the legend, am a part-time writer / full-time content producer. I graduated from CSU Northridge with a Bachelor’s in English Creative Writing. Since then I’ve been writing every day,  elevating my craft, and building my audience.

Why do you do what you do? I’m glad you asked. First and foremost, I look to entertain my readers through my fiction. This is because when I was a child fiction was my ultimate escape. If it wasn’t for the magical pages I was able to get lost in, I don’t know who I’d be now. So I want to take that with me into the future and provide a place where others can get lost in.

Why did you start this blog? I maintain this blog mainly for the practice of creative writing, and also to shamelessly promote my own writing career! As a writer, I understand that engagement is one of the most important aspects. This blog serves as a place I can engage with my readership, learn what they love or don’t love, and craft ideas I can take with me into the future.

What’s the focus of this blog? I aim to write either work of short fiction or informative pieces about the world. All of my work fits into one of those two categories, but it is divided further into some weekly content segments.

Do I have your attention? Get engaged with me down below at any of the links. Or click anywhere in the space above to be taken to the main page,

Sincerely, your captain

Eric aka Viggy

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